Watch local & international TV anywhere in the world for just Nafl 29,99 – We offer the best TV entertainment on the island!

Get all your favorite local and international TV, plus radio and a great selection of films without a satellite dish via your internet connection.


We provide entertainment wherever you are – all you need is internet (minimum internet speed required). Our state of the art TV boxes combine fantastic reliability with a simple to use operating system and menus to allow hassle free, simple enjoyment of our channel packages.


Our service is sent directly to your TV set top box from our server base with Live TV in real time, so you watch the action as it happens! 


Our channel packages include: a great selection of live channels, local & International radio and FREE Video-on-Demand with a superb selection of the greatest and latest films.


Our set top boxes have built in WiFi for easy connection and superb audio & video quality. In addition via the operating system users can add their favorite applications such as Netflix, Facebook, Skype and so much more! The TV Set Top Box is ready to use in 2 simple steps: connect the TV Set Top Box to your Router and to your TV via the HDMI cable and you are ready to watch your favorite show.



To receive international TV channels in your home you do NOT need a satellite dish. We have technology that works from a digital receiver and is as easy as just plugging it in. The set top box Multimedia Player works on very low internet speeds however the higher the internet speed the better. We recommend at least 4 Mb/s. You will receive over 200 Live TV Channels instantly along with a lot of movies on demand that are showing old classics and new movies. You will also receive many radio channels.



To watch any channel you do NOT have to stream from the internet to your laptop. You do NOT have to plug your computer into your TV. You receive an actual digital box with remote control. The set-up is Plug and Play!